Abortion And The Abortion Policy Essay

1278 Words Apr 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Recently, conservative law makers in Texas have teamed up to pursue safe environments in abortion clinics in the name of women’s health. By restricting abortion laws, the Texans hoped to see mortality rates of expected mothers drop from .6 deaths per every 100,000 abortions. A Texas House Bill, (3994), introduced in 2015 has effectively done the opposite of its said intent by limiting access to safe terminations and increasing requirements for operation. As a result, safe and legal abortions have become increasingly difficult to gain access to. This bill has ineffectively decreased the abortion rate while unsuccessfully limiting the rate of unwanted pregnancies. The focus should turn away from a bipartisan issue and towards lowering the amount of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, especially to those of minorities who together make up the majority of the abortion rate. To do so, a three part program that works to prevent unwanted pregnancies, increase the awareness of emergency contraception and foster successful mothers and children of minority and low socioeconomic status following birth should replace the current abortion laws in Texas. Doing so will not only lower the abortion rate but also significantly lower the rate of unwanted pregnancies that occur. Additionally, providing more resources for mothers who choose to proceed with their pregnancies will create safer and more successful environments to inspire children to become contributing members of society. As…

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