Abortion : A Controversial Topic Essay

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Abortion is a very controversial topic in the world. In America, after long debation, abortion is legal with a few restrictions. However, in some places in the world it is still illegal. Not having the right to abortion suppresses women’s rights of choice. Without this option, some women are forced to take care of a baby despite many conflicts. As an anonymous source stated, “No woman has an abortion for fun.” In this paper, the reader will learn why abortions are extremely important in the world, and why abortions should be legal worldwide without restrictions. Abortion is an extremely important topic that affects women a great deal. An argument that has consistently been stated is that ,“A fetus does not act, let alone act rationally. There is no reason to recognize fetal rights.” Fetuses are not capable of emotions, thoughts, or aware of their surroundings. Because of this, they are not given a say. It is the mother’s or father’s right to make the decision on whether or not they should have an abortion. Having an abortion would not affect the fetus since they are not fully developed yet. Abortion, primarily is about the effect that is caused to women. Therefore, if the fetus is harmful to the physical or mental emotions of their mother they should be terminated for the mother’s protection and or well-being. If there are abortion restrictions, that results in women living with the fetus that has caused said harm. A quote by “Life Resources” states,…

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