ACE Gold Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Qualifying means that your group of employees understands ACE and that they are starting to implement the tools to improve customer service, turn backs, and sales. ACE gold (the highest and most prestigious award you can receive) means that your group of employees completely understands the ACE tools and implements them in their daily work to achieve low turn back, high customer service, and high sales. Right now only a handful of sites are ACE gold within UTC. It is UTC’s goal to have every site ACE gold in the years to come. With every UTC site striving for ACE gold, the earnings are bound to go up every …show more content…
In China, Carrier won more than two thirds of the available heating ventilation and air conditioning contracts awarded in 2006 for the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues.
- Otis has won major contracts in China for an order of 136 escalators and 41 elevators for the Number 10 Line of the Beijing Subway. Also, in Kuwait they have project involving 90 escalators and 48 Gen2 elevators for a 1.6 million square-foot mall,
- Pratt & Whitney’s Global Service Partners grew revenues by more than 25% through increased focus in emerging international markets and offerings like fleet management, engine wash, and line maintenance programs.
- Economic and urbanization have created changes in China that have created a $3.5 billion industry for fire and security. UTC Fire & Security invested in three leading Chinese fire safety companies and they also established a new headquarters in Shanghai and stepped up sourcing throughout China.
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For example, Boeing and Pratt & Whitney are working together to create the engine for the Boeing 737, 727, and the 707. However, even though they are competitors who may work together, they still are competitors and just recently Pratt & Whitney announced that they will be making and selling GE engine parts to GE customer, which is something that is unheard of and that GE is not happy about. In past, only GE made parts for GE engines and Pratt & Whitney made parts for only Pratt & Whitney engines. Below is a chart and table showing how UTC, Boeing and GE do against each other, in the market, and the

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