Sydney 2000 Olylian Sports Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The choice of Sydney as the site for the 2000 Olympic Games gave Australia a unique opportunity to reinforce its international standing as a leading sporting nation, promote its image as a free and cosmopolitan society, and develop new trade, business and tourism links with the world. The Sydney 2000 Olymic Games and Paralympic Games were planned and run through a cooperative arrangement between federal, state and local governments. Australian business, and sporting communities, and featured a formal and explicit relationships between the Organising Committee, the NSW Government and the Australian …show more content…
It has been criticised that the federal government policy treats indigenous people as ‘problems to be solved’ rather than as active partners in creating a positive life vision for indigenous communities. It fosters a passive system of policy development and service delivery, while at the same time the government is criticizing indigenous peoples for being passive recipients of government services. Thhe new arrangements are a top-down imposition with policy set centrally and unilaterally by government and then applied to indigenous people without engaging indigenous people who are really affected. There is also a lack of implementation of the commitments made by the government. Even though government was increasingly emphasizing the importance of increasing access to mainstream services for indigenous people, it had made little progress in achieving …show more content…
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