Corruption In The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games have existed throughout the world for over one hundred years and continue to gain popularity between countries. This event has been hosted in places such as Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, Germany, and so many more. In recent history, however, there has been an ongoing controversial topic about this famous event. After accusations of corruptness were brought out on the IOC (International Olympics Committee), people felt unsteady and unsafe with where the games were hosted. The most recent Olympic Games, the Rio 2016, has been a perfect example of how corrupt the program has been with supporting countries. The way to eliminate some of the corruptness between the IOC and the countries is to have the Olympic Games held at the same location every time. An ideal location would be Athens, Greece.
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All the way back in 1896, the
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While the country may not be shown having any advantages in the Games, on a political and safety standpoint, the IOC has been questioned several times. Going back to the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had sparked controversial arguments about the safety of the participants and spectators of the game. Despite Brazil going through a political feud with insufficient funds available to host the Games, the committee still allowed the Rio to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Between the 7 applicants given for the 2016 Olympic Games given back in 2007, Rio placed 5th on an average score for the feasibility of holding the event. Even though all these events were happening at the time, the council still chose Rio to host the 2016 games. The first runner-up for the 2016 games, Madrid, Spain, had averaged second for the feasibility to host the games. During the final round of elections, Rio outnumbered Madrid with ballot votes of 66 to

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