Fahrenheit 451 Agent Of Change Analysis

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Agents of change throughout history have changed the world dramatically. From Abraham Lincoln, to Steve Jobs, agents of change make people think. There are three specific qualities that every agent of change must possess. In order for someone to be an agent of change, they must possess bravery, faith in others and their self, and be willing to take risks. An agent of change must possess bravery because they need to be able to take risks, without being afraid of the outcome. Bravery is required for agents of change for several reasons; one being that if they don’t have bravery, they will struggle to move forward in times where they need to make important decisions. Also, an agent of change needs bravery for people to see they aren’t afraid …show more content…
Every agent of change has made a risky decision along the way, which makes them an agent of change. The ability to take risks is needed for an agent of change because without it, an agent of change would have a hard time progressing, or overcoming obstacles in their path. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Montag is willing to take risks in a lot of different ways. Montag says “Can’t trust people, that’s the dirty part. You and I and who else will set fires?”(Montag). This shows Montag is an agent of change because Montag is trying to plant books in firemen’s houses, which would get them arrested. No one else in the community would ever dare to try and get a fireman arrested, besides Montag and Professor Faber. Eventually, this leads to bigger, more important parts in the book. Similarly, in Jackie Robinson’s life, Jackie took several risks too. When Jackie first intered the MLB, he took a lot of criticism from fellow teammates, fans, and opposing teammates. Robinson’s manager, Branch Rickey, told Jackie he was going to go through some hard times, but he’s not allowed to fight back. According to Biography.com, Rickey tested Jackie: “Rickey personally tested Robinson's reactions to the racial slurs and insults he knew the player would endure. From the beginning of his career with the Dodgers, Robinson's will was tested.”(Biography.com Editors). Jackie Robinson overcoming racial criticism demonstrates the ability to take risks by showing he doesn’t give up when there’s a hard time in his life. He took the risks of moving forward, which ended up working out for him. His teammates, and fans eventually started treating him equally. These are examples of why Taking risks is an important quality of an agent of

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