Essay about A Word Processed Document

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Based on the two articles by Marzano that were assigned to read and this week’s content on adaptations for ELLs, in a word-processed document, write a summary of the significant elements of Practice, Homework and Identifying Similarities and Differences integrating concrete examples and/or non-examples from your teaching practice. Homework and practice go hand to hand when students are learning on their own and applying new concepts. As mentioned and described by Marzano, and according to the information provided in the two articles homework and practice are fundamental practices to enhance student achievement. Several elements are described to be involved when providing effective opportunities of practice. For instance, considering the stage of learning is important when teachers are providing different opportunities of practice. A student who is aware of how a skill or process works, but it is not able to do it individually yet might struggle when asked to practice this skill independently or without appropriate support.
Additionally, Marzano mentions how using a large variety of examples including “non-worked” examples will benefit the learning process. In this case, students should be able to identify the examples that provide the solution from the ones that actually do not have the correct ways to solve the problem. Based on this, personally I can say that it provides a great opportunity not only for practicing but also to develop a strong sense of discrimination…

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