Essay on A Word Of Advice, Sphere Of Influence

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"A word of advice, sphere of influence is a terrible code for ownership." she retorted with a smile. "Assad?" she pressed. Throughout the American involvement the removal of the current President of Syria had been a core issue. They 'd already suffered much embarrassment at having failed to remove him from office. Mainly due to the swift arrival of Alexander 's forces which the Kremlin had dispatched on sensing an opportunity when the Europeans had dithered. By the time they were ready to decide, Alexander 's presence had already decided for them. They could not do anything unless they wished to enter a war with Russia. "He will be eased out." Alexander murmured taking a sip of the tea. "By when?" she pressed. "…2018." he offered, taking a sip of the tea. "Impossible. We can 't allow that. The man has butchered his own people and he needs to stand trial for it. The war will continue as long as he 's in office." she was surprised. She 'd expected them to offer something in return if they considered conceded Ukraine. "Besides we have nothing to do with Ukraine, it 's your army that 's entrenched there." Alexander couldn’t honestly understand why the Americans were so set on supporting Ukraine; it seemed like a dead end. "You 've already wasted billions in propping them up. What 's it to you, just to spite us? If they don 't accede we 'll call in their debts. One way or the other they will fall in line. I don 't see what you possibly have to gain from this."…

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