A Woman On A Roof Essay

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Why do some men think that women need men to protect them and to do things for them? In return these men think that they deserve something in return. “Araby” by James Joyce and “A Woman on a Roof” by Doris Lessing are stories about men trying to get women to love them for little in return. In “A Woman on a Roof” is a story about a teenage boy named Tom, who falls in love with a woman whom he and his colleagues see on a roof a couple houses away. “Araby” is about a boy that falls in love with his friend Mangan’s sister. He loves to watch and follow her, but never actually talks to the beautiful girl. As one can see these two main characters have a lot in common. In both “Araby” and “A Woman on a Roof” the main characters both have a love for women they have never met mostly based on their physical features, and when they approach these women the boys eventually end up disappointed. Both the narrator in “Araby” and Tom fall in love with women that they have barely interacted with, and they also both think of themselves as heros. The boy in “Araby” and Tom both judge the women based on their physical features, and this leads to the boy’s passion for the women. In “A Woman on a Roof” the workers on the roof first notice the woman because she was naked except for her small red bathing suit. The main character, “Young Tom, seventeen, said nothing, but he was excited and grinning”(1). He has probably has not had too many girls, and unlike Harry and Stanley, he has never…

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