A Woman Named Samantha And A Man By The Name Of Robert Essay

1140 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
There was a woman named Samantha and a man by the name of Robert. They both belonged to two different worlds. Samantha grew up in a very old fashion, closed minded, conservative atmosphere, where she was always obedient. She was always limited and constrained to what she could say or do. Her parents since an early age shaped her to be an independent woman, they instilled in her the idea that only the strongest survive, therefore, in her culture friends didn’t exist. The only real friends in their lives were family. She was not permitted to show any sign of weakness. For her culture, expressing emotions was not the way to go. Robert on the other hand, grew up surrounded by love, and affection, he was family oriented young man. His parents had instilled in him religious values and morals; therefore, he appreciated it all. He saw beauty in all things. His parents allowed their sons to communicate with them and they each depended on one another. Nonetheless, on July 27, 2013, these two worlds had their first encounter. They were perfect for each other, what one lacked, the other one had. For years they were able to make it work, they had learned to accept each other’s opposing cultural differences, and move past them. Samantha and Robert were in their early twenties, they were both college students, but Robert was not content with that life. He had always dreamed big, he wanted to be an American Airman, he wanted to be a pilot, and just wanted to be someone. However, Samantha…

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