A Vision Is Our Sense Of How The World Works Essays

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Everybody has a vision. Some people don’t realize they have one, or even know what a vision is. As Thomas Sowell writes, “A vision is our sense of how the world works. They are the foundations on which theories are built.” A person’s worldview and opinion on various matters is their vision, even if it’s subconscious. There are many types and ways to categorize visions, but Sowell describes two main types: the constrained vision and the unconstrained vision. These are visions of human nature. Problems such as war, poverty, and crime are seen in completely separate ways by people with the constrained vision and the unconstrained vision. The constrained vision believes that all people have evil, and there will always be evil. They see human nature as essentially unchanged through the past, and throughout the world. Therefore, followers of this vision take people’s selfish motives into account when constructing solutions to problems. On the other hand, the unconstrained vision believes that people are perfectible, and can be continually improved. They view human nature as something that can be beneficially changed by forcible intervention. The unconstrained vision allows itself to search for a solution where evil in people can be removed. They believe that the evils of the world arise when people make foolish or immoral choices, and that wiser and more moral social policies are the solution. Also in Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions, he describes how Rousseau,…

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