Essay about A Victim Of Domestic Abuse

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Melissa Holmes knows what it means to be a survivor. She cheated death twice, as a victim of domestic abuse, before using her personal tragedies as a muse to inspire others.

Holmes married her first husband in 1998 with the same hopes and dreams every bride has on her wedding day. Her dreams of happiness soon turned dark, as her new husband began to abuse her both verbally and emotionally. The violence escalated, as it so often does, and soon he was abusing her physically as well. After four years of enduring the abuse, her faith gave her the courage to leave him, taking her young son with her.

In 2009, she met and married her second husband with the hope it would be different this time. At first, everything seemed to be going fine until after her second miscarriage. Then, that’s when the relationship turned to physical abuse. Furthermore, her second marriage almost cost Holmes her life, because her husband broke her nose, choked her repeatedly, and warned her that he would kill her. In addition, he even threatened to leave her body for her son to find. During that depressing time, she kept her silence about the abuse. Once again, Holmes’ faith in God pulled her through it all. She gathered strength and left her husband with the determination to make a better life for herself and her son. Moreover, she knew she had to break the silence that helps to keep domestic abuse in the dark. Consequently, Holmes started to tell her story, and as she did, she realized she had to do…

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