A Very Old Man With Wings An Old Guy Essay example

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In the story of a very old man with wings An old guy basically falls out of the sky and a woman and husband kind of use his wings as a thought that he will be bring them good luck and fortune. The wife and husband tie him up in there chicken coop and charge the townspeople to see this new attraction. I believe the people in the story did not want to believe maybe this could be an angel because then they would have to think about maybe my life is a whole lie and there really are angels and it would totally confuse them.

We normally think of angels as elegant with nice hygine and maybe blonde hair. So the people of the town didn’t want to believe this dirty old guy who they had thought could have been a old norwegian guy with a strong accent couldn’t possibly be an angel. How do we really know what an angel could look like if we have never seen one ? The preist would try and get the old man to speak in latin because of it is said to be the language of god. The old man didnt pass any qualifications on the priest about being an angel. So the people just thought he was some sort of being because they where not use too seeing a creature such as him. The noisey know it all neighbor who was the first to consider he was a crippled angel and they should club him to death. Its ironic however because a you would think an angel would be immortal because of its connection to god.

I feel like this would be a perfect story for children because it could show them how human beings can…

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