A Tunnel To Call Home Essay

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“A Tunnel to Call Home” Answers: Makenna’s Questions
The title “A Tunnel to Call home” gives the reader a glimpse into what they are about to read: an essay about someone that lives in a tunnel. The title’s correlation to the passage as a whole reflects the predicament within the article. Many are troubled, especially Virginia’s family, by the idea of a women sleeping and living in a metro station on a cardboard box. Although the title reveals that the tunnel is seen as a home, meaning Virginia will continue to return to her home despite how unconventional the home is.
When the author says, “she ties her basket together with grey strings, as if the strings hold her life together”, he means that Virginia’s life is hanging by a thread, it doesn't have stability and could break at any point in time. The greyness of the string represents how Virginia’s life is
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One example is, “Some whisper. Some acknowledge. Some ignore. Some worry.” This quote is effective in showing how Virginia is like an art exhibit that some people look to gawk at while others take pride in not looking down. Another example is “Virginia still sleeps.” and “She has a silver safety pin in her black sweater”, these quotes simply describe Virginia. The author does this to show how uneventful and banal Virginia’s life is when she doesn't leave the tunnel. The mood I experienced through the italicized section was avoidance. Virginia used excuses to not go upside of the tunnel, when asked if she was okay she replied that she was tired and when asked if she’ll leave the tunnel she responded with “I don't know. I’m just catching up on my sleep.” The author included these sections to show how Virginia truly is, not how others view her. She sees no need to venture out, going out into the light will wake her up, however, it seems as though she doesn't wish to be woken up or she isn’t be allowed due to the

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