A Traditional Style Of Food Production Essay example

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Farmers have been leaders in food for centuries. Without the production of agriculture, people would have ceased to exist. The food that farmers produce is heavily based on the geographical area they occupy. For example, farmers in Asia produce rice, farmers in South America produce coffee, and farmers in Idaho produce potatoes. Farming and agriculture brought man out of the age of hunting and gathering, and allowed civilizations to flourish because they no longer had to move around constantly and gather berries and fruits. After many thousands of years, the Industrial Revolution moved humanity into an age of mass production in food, tools, goods, and more. Though conventional farming and agriculture no longer can compete with industrial agriculture to sustain modern civilizations, it will always hold an important place in those civilizations. A more traditional style of food production is important to the economic wellbeing of not only wealthy first world countries, but also poorer third world countries. In wealthier countries, organic and non-GMO products are worth considerably more than their mass-produced, chemically modified counterparts, which makes traditional farming an important sector in those countries’ economies. In third world countries, farming and food production can be one of the most important parts of the nation’s economy (“Modern Farming Methods”). In these countries, the style of traditional farming (family based rather than company based, absence of…

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