The Consequences Of Banning Genetically Modified Foods

What We Are Eating Are Putting Our World and Health at Risks Food is essential to us. It provides energy and nutrients we need to survive. Therefore, we always want to improve the food’s appearance, nutrient values and increase crop yields. This leads to the creation of genetically modified (GM) foods. According to the World Health Organization, GM foods are foods derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally, e.g. through the introduction of a gene from a different organism (WHO 1). Although it is a newly advanced scientific technology, the effects of GM foods, especially the health risks, are controversial. Many scientists have been doing a lot of tests and research …show more content…
GM foods have many negative effects such as causing allergies, increasing our pesticide exposure. The patent for GM seeds would increase the seed price and reduce farmers’ earning. Also, they would increase insect resistance to the pesticides. The effects of GM foods are controversial. Although there are many tests, such as using nutritional analysis and protein analysis, to find out the potential risks to human health, to livestock and to the environment, they cannot 100 percent guarantee the GM foods do not harm our health and the environment. The long-term health risks on humans have not been adequately investigated. Because of the uncertainty, production of GM foods should be banned until it has been proven safe to eat and produce. Our health is the most important factor to consider. We cannot put our health at risks just because we want foods with higher levels of nutrients or longer shelf life. It is a good idea to require GM food labeling because it is our right to know what contains in our foods. However, it is better to ban GM foods to avoid them causing negative effects. Requiring GM food labeling can eliminate the health risks of GM foods since we can choose not to eat GM foods, but it cannot prevent the environmental and economic impacts. Therefore, the production of GM foods should be

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