Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Genetically modified foods refer to plants which are produced for both animal and human consumption through the use of modern molecular biology techniques. The plants have been changed in the laboratory to enhance the preferred features like better nutritional content or raise resistance to herbicides (Arvanitoyannis and Krystallis, 2005). The modification of the desired features has traditionally been carried out through breeding, but some of the breeding methods like conventional plant breeding consume a lot of time. Genetic engineering can modify plants which have exactly the desired features very fast and accurately.
Genetic engineering is accepted and a necessary practice in biotechnology. However, its use in
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Plants can be modified so that they contain more nutrients and vitamins, and can adapt to extreme conditions such as drought, cold, etc. Genetically modified crops are more pest resistant and herbicide tolerant, this saves farmers from spending massive amounts of money buying chemical pesticides. Foods containing genetically modified ingredients can be healthy if vaccines against various diseases are implanted into …show more content…
However, the issue of the impact of GMOs on human health is still unanswered. Geneticists cannot come to a definite opinion on the impact of transgenic products on the human body and what could be the consequences of their use in the distant future. Some experts believe that simulated genes can cause genetic mutations in the cells of the human body. Every day new scientific evidence appears, confirming the fact of the negative impact of GMOs on laboratory animals, in which all processes in the body are much faster than in humans (Hillstrom, 2012).
Genetically Modified Foods need to be effectively examined to avoid negative effects on the human health and the environment. GM foods are widely spread; as a result, the public members should be informed about GMOs so that they can decide on what to consume and what to avoid. There is a need to embrace new ways of food production. However, it is imperative to strike a balance between food production and the toxicity of some to the GM foods. GM food production results in the manufacture of harmful pesticides, which when introduced into the human body for long will be detrimental to the people’s

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