Essay about A Sustainable Future For Electricity

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Securing a Sustainable Future for Electricity
Energy is an essential part of life for the population of the world and will be for many years to come. Until recently the effects of generating this energy with fossil fuels was not monitored closely or understood through research over recent decades it has been found that the largest source of pollution affecting climate change comes from the burning of fossil fuels for generating power (Australian n.d.). The purpose of this essay is to discuss raising awareness about the detrimental effects of using fossil fuelled resources, as opposed to renewable resources for generating energy and how this is necessary in securing a sustainable future for electricity. The essay will discuss the effects of these issues on the 3 pillars of sustainability and the importance of raising awareness about the detrimental effects that the use of fossil fuels is having at environmental, social and economic levels. The definition of sustainability will be discussed and possible outcomes for issues regarding the use of fossil fuels will be mentioned. The need for awareness for the people using these services is important for change; types of renewable energy that can be used instead of fossil fuelled electricity will be touched on also. It will be discussed about the need for education about the effects of fossil fuelled electricity for a difference to be made.
“An energy system that serves the needs of the present without compromising the ability of…

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