A Survey At Castleton University Revolving Around This Issue Essay

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In our world, each person is entitled to their own opinion and point of view. The human race has formed its way of living through creating structures of societies and communities. Within each society people are accustomed to the rules and morals around them. We learn to live by these rules, but often forget that other communities may possess different sets of rules. Our social location is important in forming our beliefs through our personal characteristics. This can include race, gender, religion and age. Because different societies hold different morals, we are subject to social problems, defined as issues that concern large numbers of people that need to be changed. As I looked deeper into social issues that are taking place in our nation today, I recognized people 's conflicting views on abortion. I chose to conduct a survey at Castleton University revolving around this issue. In my research I was looking to uncover whether the majority of students were pro life or pro choice, whether the majority was male or female, whether the majority was from a dominantly democratic or republican state, whether the majority was upper class men or lower class men, and whether the majority was religious or not. I inquired how these personal characteristics, gender, home state, age, and religion had an effect on their opinion. I surveyed a group of about 70 students at Castleton while including unobtrusive methods from research of similar studies found online. I randomized my survey by…

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