My Initial Expectations Of Abortion

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The first example I chose was a telephone company representative asks you switch to their new long distance system. Possible barriers could be within attending, understanding, and remembering. For example, you might only attend or selectively listen to what you want to hear. You hear that the long distance plan is only $9.99 a month. However what you don’t hear is that it is only $9.99 for the first three months. After that the plan increases to $49.99 a month. This could also be an example for understanding or remembering. You either do not attend to what representative is saying, understanding what the representative is saying, and/or simply do not remember what the representative was saying. My initial expectations would not greatly influence …show more content…
Some may experience defensive listening as a barrier. They may think that the relative is attacking them or anyone they know that has had an abortion. They may also only selectively hear things based off of becoming defensive. My initial expectations would affect my listening. Due to not agreeing with the subject I might not listen well and want to express my own opinion about the matter. Depending on my mood I may not want to listen or respond at all to avoid a confrontation as well. Abortion is a rather touchy subject. I don’t think anyone is really credible enough to determine whether abortion is murder or not in all circumstances. This includes myself. In this particular situation I would base their credibility based off of my own personal opinions. I have an open mind about the subject, but I do not particularly agree with the statement. I think having an open mind would increase my listening skills, but in a case where someone gets defensive it would decrease listening. I would begin listening with a neutral attitude. I think it would influence my listening. However, due to not agreeing with the subject I may not always continue to have a positive attitude throughout the conversation and therefore my listening skills would decrease. To prevent these barriers I could not judge prematurely and talk less so that I fully understand what the relative is trying to say

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