Adult Hunt Book Report

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Adult Hunt 2
Book 2
Holodeck Maze Games

Unpublished work Copyright 2015 Roselinda Johnson, Ed.D.

Adult Hunt 2
Finally, all the 50 contestants and their parents had arrived and were in their appointed room assignments. I am sure that all the technical equipment and luxury of their surroundings impressed them all. The parents did not know what was in store for them because they were not given all the information that the contestants were given.
After the time for the Holodeck Maze Games had begun, all the contestants were fed and clothed in their new outfits and were sitting in front of their TV screens awaiting news of what would happen next and what was expected of them. The parents, on the other hand, didn’t have a clue
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I think that she felt that she had been justified in creating a game that scared her father into submission. I looked at the TV for the announcement of the next number to be drawn. It was number 16. Her name is Meadowlark. She had been given cocaine ever since she was ten and forced to have sex with her father’s friends where they tied her to a bed and raped her again and again. This was statutory rape because she was just 16. I could not imagine what Holodeck Maze Game she would create for her father. Both of the contestants went into the different chambers of the Holodeck Maze. Her father had to take off his ankle bracelets and handcuffs that the police had put on him. He was visibly scared to death as he faced the game his daughter had chosen. Meadowlark thought for a long time as she created her game. Her father was placed into a steel cage which included an operating table with doctors surrounding him. They proceeded to change his gender by removing his male parts and replacing them with female parts. After this was done, the cage was removed, and he was marched into a room full of large male specimens that proceeded to sexually rape him again and again. He cried out for mercy, but his ring did not turn green showing remorse. The men in the room gave him different kinds of drugs including cocaine while they tried different sexual positions on him. Finally, his ring turned green, and the game was ended. He was allowed to leave the chamber and meet with his daughter as they returned to their respective rooms. He told her again and again how sorry he was to have abused her all her life and would never allow his friends or himself to abuse her

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