A Successful Talent Management Program Essay

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Having a successful talent management program is imperative for any business. Organizations must ensure that they have the human resource capability to meet current and future requirements. Therefore, having a strong talent management program is critical. Organizations are willing to spend not only time, but also invest millions of dollars in the talent management programs because they know the big role these programs play. Companies know that these programs impact many important factors such as employment engagement, customer satisfaction, absenteeism, turnover, employee loyalty, and union avoidance.
A talent management program is made up of many critical components. These components include: 1. Onboarding 2. Training and development 3. Performance management 4. Employee engagement 5. Succession planning 6. Mentorship 7.Work Life/Balance 8. Offboarding. Incorporating each of these components will make sure that the talent management program is successful.
Onboarding is a process of integrating new employees into the organization and equipping them with the necessary resources to become fully engaged that usually lasts up to one year. Onboarding begins before hiring the ideal candidate. It starts from the first impression a candidate gets about the organization. Prior to an employee’s first day, a welcome letter is sent to the new employee follow by a follow-up call days later. An introductory email is also recommended so colleagues are aware of the new hire. On the…

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