Employee Retention Essay

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Employee Retention and Training Strategies: Nashua City Clerical Support Staff Case Study
Lindiwe Musekiwa
Doctor of Philosophy MGMT - Human Resource Management
Prospectus: Employee Retention and Training Strategies: Nashua City Clerical Support Staff Case Study
Problem Statement
Employee retention and training strategies offer recourse for newly hired employee who would otherwise leave during the first six months of being hired permanently (Al-Emadi, Schwabenland et al. 2015; Elnaga & Imran, 2013).Disregard for employee retention and training strategies has a
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Current literature review on employee retention show that retention is heavily influenced by forceful Human Resource Management practices with regard to performance appraisals, training and development, promotion opportunities, and recognition. Closely linked to this is the interconnectedness between engagement, commitment, and retention while focusing on employees’ satisfaction and commitment to promote retention (Al-Emadi, Schwabenland et al. 2015).
2. The importance of sinking money into training and development for the sake of improving employees’ performance cannot be overemphasized enough given the competitive nature of today’s business environment. However, this becomes a futile exercise if the end result plays second fiddle to the indespensable employee retention. In other words, training and development strategies must be geared toward improving employees performance as well as retaing employees (Elnaga
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