A Successful Sale With An Organization Essay

716 Words Nov 30th, 2016 3 Pages
A great way to collaborate on a successful sale with an organization or company is to devise a creative and inspiring idea for the organization. One way a salesperson can accomplish that is by employing insight selling. Insight selling is the process of creating a successful sales opportunity, and driving change, with ideas that are value added to the organization or company. Insight selling is the new approach in the selling world, and sellers need to become the source of ideas and insights for their customers to add value organization. Therefore, with insight selling the seller often find the outcome to be victorious for both themselves and the organization.
There are two categories with insight selling and those categories are; opportunity insight and interaction insight. Opportunity insight selling helps you stand out as an influential leader in the sales world. Opportunity insight selling is when the seller proactively comes up with a new idea, a new concept, and a new approach to the buyer that ultimately gains the buyer’s attention. Next, interaction insight selling helps you build a close and robust relationship with the buyer. Interaction insight selling is the process when you put a buyer and a seller in a room, and they start bouncing ideas off one another. Moreover, interaction insight selling gets the buyer more involved and the seller takes on the role of a reliable and honest advisor or consultant who helps walks them through the steps and process.…

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