A Study On White And Non White, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, And Black )

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A study on white and non-white (Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and Black), found on page 149, high school students was conducted to portray the extent to which they value integrity. The purpose of the study was to understand the differences between nonwhite and white teens on how or if they value integrity. The main reason for conducting the study was to display how serious teens take honesty and integrity, and to also enhance the differences among different races of teens when showing integrity. The study was also conducted to reveal how nonwhites are more inclined to be dishonest due to stereotypes and public portray of nonwhite students; because of this nonwhite students blindly adopt the attitude of purposely being a delinquent; which can be found on page 145.
The researchers of this study hypothesized that the media and the justice system overly influences the public opinion of racial and ethnic differences in integrity amongst teenagers. Also researchers wanted to test the level of honesty students have for teachers and conforming to school rules. A third hypothesis is that environment in which they are brought up in affects student’s level of integrity and honesty. The hypotheses that was stated by researchers is in fact reasonable and obtainable, the hypotheses can be tested and therefore can be proven. This hypotheses can be found on page 146. I think the questions that are asked by researchers are important issues that should be more prioritized, especially…

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