A Study On The Olmec Essay

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The Olmec were the first major Mesoamerican culture, their beliefs, art, structure and agriculture influenced civilizations that came later. They are known for their engineering skills and their huge sculpted heads carved from black volcanic rock. They are also the first known Mesoamerican culture to develop a writing system.The Mayan civilization developed very special religious centers and religious systems that grew into huge cities with many people. Mayans are known for the writing system and a number system that used the concept of zero.The Aztecs were a culture based on war they built a capital called Tenochtitlán. They are known for conquering many groups that were established around them. They demanded slaves and captives which would usually turn into sacrifices for their God. These cultures had their own set of interesting beliefs and rituals.To better understand these Mesoamerican religions David Carrasco explains and makes us aware of three important terms; worldmaking, worldcentering, and worldrenewal. “These processes often interacted to form the religious traditions of Mesoamerican capitals” (Carrasco pg 38). David Carrasco defines worldmaking, as how a culture views the structure of the universe. “The model of the structure of the universe was contained in the treasured mythology of each community, which told how the world was made and how supernat— ural forces organized the cosmos” (Carrasco pg 38). Worldcentering is what the culture believes makes…

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