Similarities Between The Aztecs And Ancient Egypt

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Much is known about the Ancient Egyptians, but there is also much left to be discovered. There were many other ancient civilizations that followed the Egyptians, surfacing in all corners of the world. Each having their own way of life, developing on different sides of the world. However, despite the different locations of these civilizations, many of them ended up having the same practices and belief systems. To see the similarities between different civilizations, one could compare the different practices of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans to the ancient Egyptians. Evidence has shown that the Incas have the most in common with the Egyptians, despite their different locations. Evidence found so far in terms of architecture, art, and their …show more content…
They appeared in Mesoamerica in the early 13th century, almost 2000 years after the Egyptians, yet they somehow had the same basic principles. The Egyptians had two major calendars, these calendars were the religious calendar and the civil calendar. The religious calendar kept the dates of important holiday festivals and kept track of the moon. The civil calendar was used to record the length of time a Pharaoh reigned, the agricultural periods, and the days for the state tax collection. The Aztecs had two calendars as well that were very similar to the Egyptians. Their sacred calendar kept track of the days that were meant to be for specific gods as well as the rituals that were to be practiced on those days. Their agricultural calendar kept track of when the best times were to begin harvesting or planting crops. Their calendar contained three hundred and sixty days spread into eighteen months, just like the Egyptians. Both civilizations emphasized how important the knowledge of the season cycles were for planting and harvesting. In terms of art, Aztec artists were influenced by their neighboring states, especially those from Oaxaca and the Huastec region. These influences along with the Aztecs own tastes made their art one of the most varied of all ancient cultures. Their sculptures were usually of individuals from the family of gods they worshipped. They were carved from wood and stone and their figures could be monumental in size. They decorated many of their pieces of art work with metals, especially turquoise which was their favored material. The Egyptians also were fans of metal and turquoise, using them to make beautiful necklaces crowns, and even bracelets. Both civilizations made pyramids but for different reasons. The Egyptians made them as a resting place for their Pharaohs, filling them with different

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