Essay on A Study On Nt Exploration Worksheet

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nt Exploration Worksheet #1

Watch: “A Class Divided” Parts 1-5. Find it at:

1. What was the most surprising thing you learned or saw in this documentary? Nothing about this documentary was very shocking for me. The most surprising thing to me, was how little people, especially the adults, were willing to push back and stand up for themselves when they were in discriminated group. I would have assumed a group of grown people would have stood up for themselves against one grumpy woman telling them they were worth less than others. The children behaved for the most part how I thought they would.

2. How did the male and female children respond differently in the original experiment? What might account for the differences you observed? The male children in the original experiment seemed to be angrier and more aggressive than the females in the original experiment. The girls just seemed sad. Little boys at that age might be more aggressive.

3. How did the male and female adults respond differently in the prison guard experiment? What might account for the differences you observed? The females, on in particular, were more aggressive in the prison guard experiment. They were more vocal about their anger and combative with the instructor. The males were visibly shaken and embarrassed, but seemed to just accept there was nothing they could do. The adult women may have been more aggressive…

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