A Study On Migration Patterns Essay

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Upon taking this class, I was under the impression that I would have learnt the history of multi-culturalism; and how it exponentially grew to be a “trending topic” (particularly as it pertains to these United States of America) however, this was not the case. Although I didn 't learn about migration patterns specifically, the class reinforced my knowledge on globalization and the influence it has had on the spread of different cultures and races not only in the United States but internationally. Being from the UK, a small island where things are often imported; and land where people seek a new opportunity, I have had the privilege of interacting and knowing people from all seven continents; consequently, the impacts of globalism have been in my sub-conscious for a substantial amount of time. Having said that, upon taking this class, I have strengthen my knowledge of multiculturalism and its optimal circumstances, including advancements with the four dimensions of globalization- Economic, Political, Cultural, and Technological.
Identify one or two concepts, readings, discussions, and/or experiences, which you found particularly helpful.

One discussion I thought to be rather insightful was globalization. Globalization is the process that allows the worldwide movement toward economic, communication and cultural integration and conveys the hope and determination of order making on a worldwide scale (in class). One of our first assignments were to discuss globalism and the…

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