A Study On How Other Languages Do You Speak? Essay

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Each professor has a different experience but they all show the importance on creating and keeping a global community. Also, all of these professors have more than 10 years of experience in teaching. Therefore, the result of this small study may not be relevant for adjunct professors, community professors, or professors who are just starting this career. Also, in this sample, all of them experienced traveling abroad, thus this results may not apply for professors who did not traveled abroad. Lastly, data was retrieved through semiformal interviews, mostly with the following open questions:

1. Tell me a little bit of your curriculum and experience as an educator.
2. Have you ever traveled abroad? How often? (Academic purposed only please).
3. Did you take advantage of a program, scholarship or the like? If not, what made you go overseas?
4. How much of importance you institution played on you going abroad?
5. How many languages do you speak?
6. Is there a sense of Global Community Faculty that you are part of? If so, how much does this interaction change or have changed your career?
7. How has been your experience with the global community faculty, so far?
8. How often do you communicate with your international faculty?
9. The communication with your global community faculty, is it more academically related or friendly related?

Those were the main questions, yet according to their response different follow up question were made, all recorded by taking notes on a computer.…

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