A Study On Educational Production Essay

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Expanded Educational Production: O = f(C, R, I, N, P, Z)
i) Student Characteristics (C): This includes family income, parent’s education, home environment, health, etc. ii) School Resources (R): This includes per-student spending, student/teacher ratio, class size, quality of classroom teacher, educational equipment. iii) Instructional Processes (I): Includes type of curriculum. iv) Neighborhood Characteristics (N): Includes the crime rate of student’s neighborhood, if they have any after-school activities.
v) Peer Influences (P): Includes those of classmates, club members, team members, neighborhoods, etc. (Bresnock). vi) Student Effort (Z): Includes the number of hours the student studies, how successfully the student completes the assignments.

Basically, schools are the ones in control of R and I, while parents control C, P, and N. Z is controlled by parents in a cominbaiton with their children. Variations in school spending (from school district to district within and across states) will cause large disparities in R and I (Bresnock). Therefore, parents can create a positive or negative environment at home, motivate their children to do better, provide materials necessary, and possibly influence their P.

Socioligts and and psychologists studies show that parents economic stauts tend to raise children somewhat differently (Bluestone 264). Meaning that better-educated parents will read to their young childen more often and read differently, tending to ask their…

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