A Study On A Pediatric Surgeon Essays

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A pediatric surgeon is a surgeon who treats children from the time that they are born until the end of adolescence, which is typically considered to be 18 years old. These surgeons are people who have chosen to make pediatrics, or the branch of medicine concerned with the development, care, and diseases of babies and children, [1] the focus of their medical careers and have the advanced medical education and training in order to perform surgery on them. [2] A pediatric surgeon performs a numerous amount of different procedures on children and adolescents, including appendectomies, surgeries to treat birth defects, and and pediatric oncology, or the study of child cancer.

Being a pediatric surgeon, they work in hospitals and perform their major duties in an operating room. They are highly trained in several medical areas, including neonatal, trauma, prenatal, and pediatric oncology. As is imaginable, anyone who is being attended to by a surgeon may feel nervous and even anxious. By integrating music that would influence the emotions of the patient to guide them into a calm emotional state, it would put patient’s nerves at ease and allow for a faster and more effective completion of the procedure being done. This would not only increase the speed and efficiency of the procedure being done, it reduces the pain and anxiety felt by the patient before or after the procedure. [3] Pediatric surgeons take away the weight from general surgeons by performing many surgeries that…

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