A Study On A Dolphin Essay

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I am swimming to catch my brother, diving as much as we can, a thousand feet to be exact. We’re swimming at a speed of twenty-five miles per hour. Looking left, looking right, our mother is right behind us. Our pod has stopped to catch some food. With the two stomachs we have it 's hard to not be hungry. I sometimes wonder why we have so many teeth if we don’t use them? We swallow our food whole. I can recognize almost every dolphin because our fins are very unique. It helps us identify each other. We young dolphins stay with our mothers for a period of two or three years, and after we have fourteen years to explore the ocean or if we’re lucky enough about fifty. As other dolphins get older or sick, our pod always cares for each other. We don’t harm anything or anyone unless we feel threatened, but other than that we play with seaweed, and with other members of our pod.
Being a dolphin, who wouldn’t dream of being this incredible mammal? To experience the way, they live on another level and understanding them like we haven’t understood them before. It would be incredible to understand dolphins not only by observation like we have done the past decades but by the subjective experience of actually becoming a dolphin ourselves. We understand this mammal and the way they live by the facts that we have discovered. We discovered this fact by observing dolphin’s way of living and their characteristics. We live our human lives trying to understand other mammals when it could be the…

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