The Importance Of Whales In Captivity

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Whales in captivity is a horrible thing because the whales are separated from their familie, are forced to perform in front of screaming audiences, and they can act out and hurt humans and each other in small spaces.

Male orca whales have collapsed dorsal fins. When there in the wild there dorsal fin stays straight up. When there in captivity there dorsal fin collapses. This is most likely because they are cramped up in a tight place so they can’t swim freely.
The orca’s also have an unnatural diet of thawed dead fish. The fish they eat is also dried and filled with medication.

The collapsed dorsal fin also happens when an orca is close to death, or injured. When orcas are in the wild only 1% of them get collapsed dorsal fins. If you look at these whales dorsal fins you can
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When the whales bite on their metal tanks they develop bad dental health. Do you think that whales should be in captivity or do think they shouldn't be in captivity. Why should whales be in captivity when they have so much more life to live than when they live in the wild. As I said earlier wales life span is decreased by like 40-50 years. The orcas hurt each other and are separated from their families. We need to help the orcas and try to make the orcas live in the wild. It may be a lifetime experience but what about the whales, dolphins and other mammals mammals that would rather be living in the ocean without chlorinated water to be kept …show more content…
They also should definitely not be ripped apart from their family and their home. Also I don’t think it’s very smart for orca’s to be in captivity and have to perform with trainers. People can die. WE have already had four deaths by orca whales and i don’t want another one. I also don’t want more people to get injured by them either. I think that whales in captivity is also something that is really not smart

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