The Pros And Cons Of Seaworld

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There is a big controversy whether wild life should be held captive or not, Sea World specifically has gotten a lot of bad attention because of all the trainer and killer whale incidents. The way they keep their killer whales contained is also a big part of why Seaworld is getting bad attention. Seaworld has come out with a new commercial telling people that they are not a bad place and how the animals are being treated great there. From what has been said the whales that are kept captive do not have enough space, Animals show signs of aggression and depression when given limited space and little contact with others of their kind. Orcas are a lot like humans, they live in families and when not held in captivity their lifespan is similar to …show more content…
In 1992 Tilikum a killer whale that was sent to Seaworld after an incident that happened at another “theme park” called Sealand, because of the death caused by Tilikum he was supposed to only be used for breading and not to be in any shows because there is a high chance that he would act out again. Former Seaworld trainers were interviewed and said that trainers were not informed about the accidents that have happened between trainer and Orca (49:33), there has been over 70 trainer/orca accidents that have happened and were not told to the current trainers. Tilikum was probably annoyed and tired of being locked up, When he was at Sealand the trainer used punishment, at Seaworld he was put into a tank with two females that did not treat him right. Killer whales should have an area that is huge and designed for the different social structures that the Orcas have (noonan). All the stress that these animals are put under could be the reason they lash out. It is not right that Seaworld tries to cover up these incidents and put the blame all on the trainer. The Dawn Brancheau incident is a great example of how Seaworld tried to cover up and put the blame on the trainer rather than the whale. Towards the ending of her performance her and Tilikum were lying and he pulled her from the shoulder and dragged her down (1:09). At first Seaworld reps tried to say that Dawn had slipped into the tank but once there was many witnesses that said otherwise (1:11), that is when they changed their story and said that Dawn was pulled in my her long ponytail (1:12). They made it seem like a trainer error when it obviously was

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