A Study Of The Development, Structure, And Functioning Of Human Society

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Sociology: (N) the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. The study of social problems.
This semester we learned to acknowledge, understand, and consider solutions to the major social problems in the United States. We discussed social institutions like education, health care, poverty, and war including what effects those institutions have on the individual and on the country, as a whole. As students we saw “big picture” about things that are problematic in our society – and most importantly, we thought of solutions for those problems. This class helped me to understand the reality of our modern world and prepare me to affect positive change.
Over the course of the semester we talked about, as what I could see, EVERYTHING. We even had the privilege to discuss one of the most unforeseen election results of all times. Every issue was connected but each issues had its own niche and solutions and how the problems affected individual people or groups of people differently. The four very different issues I will be developing are Drugs/Alcohol, Crime, Race/Racism, and Poverty.
Drugs are any substance that, when consumed, alters one or more of the functions of the human body. There are enough stimulants produced legally in the United States each year to provide 50 doses to every person. About one-half of these legal stimulants find their way into the illegal drug trade. Cocaine, a stimulant derived from coca leaves, has become the third most popular…

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