Essay about A Study Of Social Work And Development

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Grandparents in Need of Social Work Services:
A Study of Social Work and Development
Devon Bradely
Fayetteville State University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Introduction to social work, Instructor Jonathan F. Glover

Indian Journal of Gerontology, 2012
Grandparents in Need of Social Work Services in Tehran, Iran: A study of Social Work and Social Development
Mohammad Taghi Sheki
The purpose of this article was to investigate the need for the ageing grandparents in Tehran, Iran. This would also provide a reference for the younger generations so that they could better prepare for their health plan in the future. The lifestyle of the ageing grandparents is also discussed in association with their health and needs. This question the author is trying to answer is if social work services will provide the geriatric grandparents with a better, more improved quality of life. Also, the author wants to know if these findings would somehow help the younger generations by projecting the illnesses and elderly health disorders and help them have a better quality of life. “Social Work is defined as being a journal for social workers. It was founded in 1956 and published quarterly by the National Association of Social Workers.” (Social work pg1) It has its roots in society by dealing mainly with poverty. “Social work is a broadly defined profession encompassing many different kinds of professionals who all serve people in need.”(sw pg1) They look at a problem…

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