Essay on A Study Of A Caucasian Preschool Student

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The following is a case study of a Caucasian preschool student that is considered to be a typically performing child. The student is identified as a typical developing child since she is not receiving any special education services. Throughout this essay, the student will be referred to as “H.”. H. was chosen for this Case Study since she is in attendance regularly. This child was also picked because she initially gave me the impression that she was a student who was excelling intellectually. This assumption was made based on H.’s ability to socialize well with others using an extensive vocabulary.
On November 4th, H. turned 5 years old. She is the second oldest child in the classroom and the tallest in height at approximately 48 inches tall. Her body build is slim and her arms and legs are long. H. has long, wavy light brown hair that reaches to her mid-back in length. She also has big brown eyes. Next year, H. will be heading to Kindergarten since she currently is a second year preschooler.
H. attends preschool at Delshire Elementary School, located on the west side of Cincinnati. Delshire Elementary is part of the Oak Hills Local School District. It is a suburban school with students ethnicities being predominantly Caucasian and English being their primary language spoken. There is only one preschool classroom and the program is half-days. There are morning and afternoon sessions. Typical developing students must pay to be apart of the program, whereas students…

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