Essay on A Student View On Controversial Topics

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A Students View on Controversial Topics: Vaccinations
A little girl lays on a cold hospital bed; her parents are told her body is being ravaged by the measles virus that leaves her in a vegetative state. She did not receive this virus from a foreign disease ridden country, but from her classmate whose parents chose not to get their child vaccinated. Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children, even with a vaccine available (World Health Organization). Even with the very real threat posed by measles and its counterparts, some others still believe that the same vaccine made to save lives are a risk to our health even with overwhelming evidence that proves their stance as invalid. There are many reasons why all parents should opt to vaccinate their child, some of which include: Not vaccinating children puts others at risk, Not vaccinating your children puts a strain on the economy, and Vaccinations are safe and effective.

The most logical reason to vaccinate your child would be the safety. The safety and effectiveness of vaccines have been one of the most heavily debated topic of this century. Vaccines have extensive research done to ensure their safety. Typically, before a vaccine is sold 10-15 years of research is done to prove the vaccines’ safety. There are laws set in place to protect citizens against tainted vaccinations. The Biologics Control Act passed in 1902 ,signed by Theodore Roosevelt in response to two deaths of children from a tainted…

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