A Student At Miami Dade College North Campus Essay examples

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I have been a student at Miami Dade College-North campus for about two years now and in this fall semester I will be graduating with an Associate Arts degree in psychology. Then I plan to transfer to Florida International University to get my bachelors. Although, Psychology was never my first choice of interest in the beginning, it was the idea of being a neurosurgeon that sparked my interest since high school. I knew little about what a neurosurgeon did, but from my little research I knew that a neurosurgeon was a physician who diagnosis people with disorders affected in the central and peripheral nervous system and are treated through surgery.
Now, let’s go back a few years from the time I was in high school. I attended William H. Turner Technical Arts High School, a secondary technical school and I was in the health program for those four years. As a student in the health program, I would mention my future plans in becoming a neurosurgeon. It was in my second year of high school that I received a harsh lecture that my choice to become a neurosurgeon would be impossible. My health teacher told me that I’m not financially stabled to attend school to become a neurosurgeon for as long as the needed requirement. Also pointing out that as a girl going into a field dominated by male, I would have to work twice as hard and still not get the recognition I would deserve. So, obviously my dream were crushed but not forgotten.
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