A Strategy For Strategic Planning Essay

1197 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Introduction The purpose of this article is to establish that the most effective way a CIO to accomplish a strategy for strategic planning is a “bottom up” approach. However, many organizations of today underestimate this operational consideration and not support this theory. The article will show why this is problematic for the overall good of the organization. Furthermore, this document will develop the concept that even though many organizations use a top down approach –this concept often lacks positive results. Additionally, this article will examine and explain how the right solution through the use of strategic thinking prior to launching any kind of IT strategic planning is the key to an effective planning objective. Lastly, this document will show why a “bottom up’ method is better suited for most organizations and it is more easily aligned with the organizational objectives. Therefore, this concept and approach should be the desire for any CIO when it comes to effective IT strategic planning.
Pitfalls of Strategic Planning A CIO or IT professional can and often will run into several items of concern when it comes to strategic planning. One of the major problems being that there are so many variances and choices. Additionally, there are so many people that must be pleased with those choices. Therefore, the entire process is not easily accomplished. A CIO tasked with creating an IT strategic plan or overseeing the planning of this plan could do well for…

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