A Story About A Family Road Trip Essay

1331 Words Mar 4th, 2016 6 Pages
The story is about a family road trip and how the grandmother was saved by a murderer one day when the road trip goes terribly wrong. The story revolves around the grandmother, the Misfit, and the family. The story is about a grandma who one day decides to go visit one of her old childhood memories a cemetery. The family consists of Bailey Boy the son of the grandmother and is the father of June Star and John Wesley. He is the driver that his grandmother asks to take the family on the trip he was hesitant at first but one of his kids just seemed so excited to go that he gave in and decided to take them on the trip. Then there is the grandmother the one of convinces her son Bailey to take the family on the trip. She is the type that likes to look nice and to let people know that no matter where they see her she will be noticed as a girl. On the trip the grandmother is the only one wearing really nice clothing when everyone else is wearing casual clothing. Then there is the grandmother’s granddaughter June Star she is rude, self-centered, and annoying. Then there is the grandmother’s grandson John Wesley. He is an eight year old boy who is portrayed as a kid with normal interest and actions. He is the one with the enthusiasm about seeing the house that convinced his father to take the family on the road trip. Then there is the bad guy of the story the Misfit. He is the one that comes out of his car with his two buddies to “help” the family out all was going fine until the…

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