A Splendid Exchange : How Trade Shape The World Essay

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A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shape the World
The total amount of export and imports takes place across national borders in the world is amazing. According to International Monetary Fund, above $20 trillions of total goods and services will be exchanged each year in times to come. In 2008, United States alone have imported and exported over $4.5 trillion of goods and services. The US have traded virtually to every country in the world. It is true that Americans have imported chocolate from Belgium, wine from France, diamonds from Botswana, jewelry from Oman, and fish from the Faroe Islands. Also, they have exported shingles to Rwanda, computer accessories to Niue and poultry products to Azerbaijan. This is the world of trade.
Bernstein, a well-noted historian, and financial theorist takes the reader all the way through journeys along the unfaithful routes of the Silk Road on backs of the camel or anything that was able to move cargos. He illustrates the work-related vulnerabilities faced by the merchants traveling by roads, waterways, or by seaways. (Ahmad. C, 2015)
Sometimes people used to argue that if so much of trade is actually good for the nation or not. And till date the trade is a commonplace nowadays which reflects the fruit of a grand, a history of taking risks and sometimes tragic history of the human attempt. The trade in the form of export and import have brought prominence to world, stimulated innovation in technologies and also built worldwide dynasties. This…

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