A Speech On The Building Lobby Essay

1439 Words Sep 25th, 2016 6 Pages
It’s 1:06 AM as I make my way down the stairs towards the building lobby. There is a small skip in my step as a result of the excitement I am feeling in this moment. I come out of the lobby into the courtyard and see my Uber, Mohamad and his Silver Corolla in the street. I hop in and he greets me with a “hello”, and were off. Nine minutes later we arrive at our destination. I leave the car and wish him a goodnight. The streets are busy but not bustling. I make my way past the planters that are located outside the building, filled with an array of small red and pink flowers. The streets just outside the building are filled with a number of Pedi-cabs catcalling pedestrians, and a Large White horse drawn carriage with a beautiful White horse sit quietly at the buildings entrance. I walk into the building and push the revolving door, I’m surprised by the weight that comes along with the task. I walk into the lobby isle and pause to look around at the architecture that’s pulls you into itself. The entire lobby from the floors to the ceiling are coated in a beautiful black, brown, and eggshell marble. The vaulted ceilings are marked by beige and gold light that highlight a ceiling decorated with gold and silver plated geometric figures with unknown meanings. At the opposing side of the lobby the wall is encompassed by a giant aluminum two-dimensional model of the building set over a map of the northeastern United Sates. Walking down the lobby you take a right on to an upward…

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