A Sociological Perspective ' List Six ( 6 ) Essay

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List six (6) interesting NEW facts or issues you learned from this video. Each must derive from a concept, definition, term or theory/theoretical orientation from one of the current chapters of the text. Each item will be presented as a single paragraph and include the term (etc.), its definition, and the specific part of the video that best illustrated the item. Each item must be 300-400 words. //Do not include this direction as part of your paper response.//

a. Sociological Perspective/pg.2-4: Says that people’s social experiences, the groups and society they exist in, all has a part to play in their behavior.

While I could also point out the various things that made Zulema different from the other girls, the interesting thing that was that Zulema, along with the other girl ( I cannot recall her name), were still influenced by the society around them. This was first evident to me when Zulema took an extended period to get ready for work, as she decided it was necessary to apply make-up, even after her grandmother said it didn’t matter. Another time I think this was shown was when the other girl spoke that she wanted to go to high school with the rest of the class, and that she wanted to go to prom like a ‘normal kid’. I found this all very intriguing, as even though they did not live like average kids in the United States, they still wanted to embrace different things that they thought normal kids did, things that our society has influenced them to see as what was…

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