A Social Worker, Or Case Worker Essay

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A social worker, or case worker, is someone who has a sort of passion or drive for helping people. Social workers contribute to the quality of life of citizens and without them our nation would not have the proper support to establish order and relations in society. I plan to graduate ASU with a Master’s degree to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I know a career in social work is the right path for me, simply because of my love for people. To have a career where I have the ability to advocate in areas of personal passion and to see a change unfold because of my influence, would be gratifying.
There have been many experiences in my life that have led me to this career. Growing up I had a strenuous and unorthodox childhood. My father was very abusive to my mother and my two older brothers, and at a very young age, I was exposed to things that a child shouldn’t have to endure. My father ultimately left my mother for another woman and that brought about the end of their marriage; however, it did not resolve the conflict. A tragedy struck my family when I was seven; and at the hand of my father, both my parents and youngest brother died in a murder-suicide. My aunt was then given full guardianship over me and I went to live with my grandparents. My situation did not improve much, as violence was still present in my household. My grandparents were too old to care for a child and for the remainder of my childhood I mostly went unnoticed. The struggles I endured early in…

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