A Social Platform Of Adoption Essays

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Trying to find a social platform for the topic of adoption in China is a little difficult, since the topic is very broad to begin with. Due to the fact my topic is generic, I want to incorporate in my research paper the Chinese government, aborted babies, abandoned and found babies, and the orphanages in China. Since I need to include a social platform in my research paper, I will need to go about this research paper in a different way. It is difficult to find a discourse community in China that is translated to English, and I don’t know if some orphanages in China have a website. I did come across an adoption agency in the United States that connects with others in several countries, and China is listed as one of those countries. The agency is called the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI). On the internet, it is easier to find a discourse community of families who have adopted children rather than trying to find communities in China. At this point in my research paper, I am assuming that I will mainly be focusing on the adoption process and how it benefits families in the long run.
The CCAI’s website has several categories on the home page. The website includes parents’ testimonies (“Proud Parents’ Blog,”) links that persuade the audience thinking that they should adopt from their agency (“Why Choose Us,”) a list of different countries this organization is a part of (“Adoption Service,”), and what happens after one adopts (“Post Adoption.”) If someone has…

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