A Short Term Savings Essay

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During our time apart, Vincent and I split all expenses related to visits and joint travel, including airfare, accommodation, and food, regardless of whom the expenses primarily fell on. (i.e. I would pay half his flight when he visited me, he would pay half my flight when I visited him, etc). We both made concerted efforts to save for these visits.

Now that we have signed the lease and moved in together, we have combined our incomes and share all household expenses. The way we tend to break it down is that I pay rent and fixed expenses, such as phone and internet bills, and Vincent pays for food, necessities, and variable expenses like gas and electricity bills. We aim to save at least 20 percent of our income in our joint savings, which at the time being is primarily going toward our wedding next year. We have two joint accounts that we opened once I arrived in Sydney, one for short term and one for long term savings.

At this point, we have little distinction between "my money" and "your money", and we jointly discuss our purchases, create budget documents together, and keep track of our overall spending.

Should one of us not be working - as was the case my first month in Sydney - the other would take over the bills, and we would dip into our joint savings if necessary to cover all our expenses.

Vincent and I both signed the lease for our one bedroom apartment in Stanmore on 29 March, 2016, and he lived there independently until I moved in on 12 May, 2016. We both…

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