A Short Note On Depression And Anxiety Essays

2353 Words Mar 1st, 2015 10 Pages
Pretty, slender, a high honors students, involved in extracurriculars, a group of friends, what is there even to complain about, right? With a smile plastered across my face, with a middle class, with a white, Catholic upbringing, where do I even get off trying to say I’m battling depression? Who can take you seriously if you’re not sad enough, or if there are people out there who would trade places with you in an instant? However, nothing is as perfect as I try to pretend they are. I consistently play off of the idea that “looks are deceiving”. Depression and anxiety can strike anybody, at any time. Sometimes it’s crippling, it’s physically draining, to the point where I can’t bring myself to kick my feet from under my sheets because I’ve lost all willpower to do even basic everyday tasks. Sometimes it’s dull and aching, just slowly eating away at me while I go about my daily life, while I crack a joke or too. Sometimes, things feel okay, things feel like nothing is wrong at all. And sometimes, it’s easy for others to forget somebody’s life or circumstances aren’t as perfect as everybody would like to believe. It’s hard to start writing about these sorts of things, because sometimes there’s not definite beginning. Or at least that feels how it is with depression. I don’t think I’ve always quite felt this way, but I have for long enough that I’ve forgotten how it feels to be totally carefree and happy for longer than a few months. Back in middle school, maybe around the…

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