A Short Note On Congestive Heart Failure ( Obstructive ) Essay

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• Introduction :
Congestive heart failure (CHF) is specifically known as congestive cardiac failure (CCF) in the scientific papers. The term ‘’CHF’’ describes a debilitating condition in which the heart 's function as a pump is unable to deliver an adequate amount of rich-oxygen blood to the rest of the body and the fluid builds up in the body and other organs making the heart congested. CHF results from any structural or functional cardiac disorder that weakens the pumping ability of the heart, for instance, congestion of the arteries or a general weakness of the heart muscle caused by having unhealthy life styles. CHF is classified into two types: systolic dysfunction and diastolic dysfunction. The patients who have heart failures commonly experience the symptoms like breathlessness, excessive tiredness, leg swelling, etc. As the complexity of symptom makes it hard to be defined, echocardiogram and electrocardiogram are two specialized tests which can help to diagnose more accurately: an echocardiogram - a test which can create moving images of the heart by applying high frequency sound waves and an electrocardiogram (EKG)- an equipment which is used to measure the electrical signals passing through the hear. This report focuses on determining heart failure’s problem and curative treatments for the disease. The first section discusses core factors make CHF become a serious problem. Then different types of treatments are viewed on the next section and the following section…

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